Bus 0 VND 2019 – Bus No.7


The Lunar New Year is a Vietnamese traditional New Year’s day that is a chance for families to gather and reunite after hard working days away from home. However, between the strenuous pace of life and the increasingly escalating demand for prices, going home to celebrate Tet for difficult and unhappy circumstances is not easy. With the spirit of “good leaves covering torn leaves” of the Vietnamese people for thousands of generations, the third year of the Bus No. 7 by Adam Khoo Education, Vietnam Diamond Fund, TES Fund and VNO Organization jointly organized this Tet Lunar New Year 2019 with the desire to help unhappy lives return home to celebrate Tet.

Let’s review the pictures of the bus on the journey from South to North with all the passengers in special circumstances. Each photo is the emotions, laughter, happy tears, beautiful moments that always remain in the hearts of the program performers.

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