DC.I Level 2: Talent - Passion - Purpose

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    DCI Level 2: Talent - Passion - Purpose: Finding out what you’re supposed to do in this world

    A sage once said, “The greatest journey of a human life is to find yourself, experience and challenge all to find out who you are”, or “devoted to the heavenly destiny”. There must be times when you wonder the purpose and meaning of life, wondering to find a way to make your “Mission”. That’s when you are aware and have the desire to find real joy and happiness.


    You will find true passion in life, quintessential values from THE EGO and easily map out the direction of quickly achieving pre-defined goals, feel endless passion, realizes true philosophies and goals to succeed. The principles mentioned in the course can be applied by anyone to create success in BUSINESS and in LIFE.



    Discover talent
    Find out your genius abilities



    Sparkling passion
    Find the career that works best for you



    Awareness of purpose of life
    Find out why you're coming to the world


    Understand the 4 steps of seeding and feel the 4 rules of karma and how the rule works:

    The only powerful way for you to find your true passion, purpose or talent is to give others their own passion, purpose and talent. What you do will come back to you one way or another. But the results or consequences are many times greater. 

    Learn new focused methods in business and Understand the concept of "business partner"

    Clearly identify the career or product trends you are capable of creating, the production process and how to promote the product to the market.
    Understand the origins of a business partner. This business partner can be customers, suppliers, employees, investors or even simply family members.

    Experience Tonglen Meditation and Physical Yoga Exercises
    (Yoga Niguma)

    Heal, solve your problems and those around you extremely efficiently and miraculously through the practice and maintenance of Meditation.
    Reveal the secret to body sedatives through simple but effective exercises, developed by Indian Yoga master Lady Niguma 1000 years ago.

    Learn how to "enhance" thinking and understand the story of 4 flowers

    Achieve transparency in the mind and physical energy at the highest level. What we have now is the result of what we’ve done in the past. You will understand deeply your actions and thoughts to create the present and future world.

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