DC.I Level 3: Mastering Your Mind

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    DCI Level 3: Mastering Your Mind for success at work and at home

    Today, technology has taken people far, crept into every corner of our lives, our thinking, even our emotions. And then, we expect technological advances will help bring us closer together, save time, live better but the truth is:

    We are further apart even though the conditions of communication are getting better and better.
    We eat less delicious food although it is increasingly elaborate, beautiful and rich.
    We have more money, more material wealth, but we’re not happier. We become out of focus, busy, scared even though we are full of state-of-the-art protection technologies.

    If you have ever missed important moments of life, have ever felt empty, secretive in a cramped life, if you have ever felt unable to concentrate to accomplish anything – Come to DCI level 3.

    DCI LEVEL 3:


    • Understand the invisible, tangible values that meditation brings to your life and career.
    • Possess a special type of capacity: the ability to focus very deeply, for escapable, solve problems wisely.
    • Know how to “dive deep” into the mind; read real thoughts and feelings and achieve peace and calm to enjoy the full hours of life.
    • Meditation helps us become more sensitive about the constant change of the mind, helping us to live more humble but noble, stronger but also more selfless.

    • Eliminating negative emotions such as anger, envy, greed is to clean the mind.
    • Finding peace in modern life and in any situation or situation.
    • Possessing special abilities: the ability to experience the future, to anticipate the good – bad, effective to be able to go to success in a gentle and calm way.
    • Cherishing life and discover material values that have a big impact on your life.

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