DC.I Level 4: The Karmic Secret to Great Relationships

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    DCI Level 4: Finding, Keeping, and Loving Them: The Karmic Secret to Great Relationships

    The Book of Creation tells the immortal story as follows: When Adam appeared, God took one side of the ribs of the man who first created Eva– the woman. The relationship between the body and their own soul – The relationship between people – The relationship between people and everything. People fight to find, win relationships. And that journey never ended because each person never wondered:


    Since heaven and earth formed, people are born in relationships, connected by relationships and they live in relationships. It is relatives, spouses, partners, friends, colleagues … Or did you just know where they came from yesterday?


    How do we find the right person?


    How to cherish, preserve the relationships around and become a platform to carry out the great mission?


    Business partners are a magical solution for you. With exercises and support from teachers, you will no longer have to struggle to find or correct your partner. Let the law of cause and effect work, your job is “planting”.

    TOOLS 1
    Pen Story - the reason, the origin of a relationship


    • Respect the sense-world of others.
    • Everything, everything, it’s a No.
    • An object/thing has no meaning other than the meaning we assign.
    • Everything comes from our side.
    TOOLS 2
    4 Starbucks steps - how you create the perfect half things

    The four steps include:

    • Say what you want in a single sentence.
    • Find the same people you want and plan to help them.
    • Action: Live – indirect – 4-step guide.
    • Coffee meditation.
    TOOLS 3
    Four powers - how you eliminate obstacles in your search for relationships

    The four steps to bleach the seeds include:

    • Remember the pen. Where the bad things come from
    • Smart regrets. Understanding the seeds of operation
    • Make a commitment. Don’t repeat the action for a certain period of time
    • Balance karma. Do the opposite positive thing to compensate for the bad things you’ve done
    TOOLS 4
    Three cups of water - a tool to help those around you get the relationship you want


    • The best way to get a mate is to plant seeds.
    • Apply the Nursing Home method to find the right mate.
    • A little tip with three cups of water changed the world.
    • In the end, the world is a no longer lonely person and everyone will have a mate as expected.


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