The Diamond Cutter Sutra

The Diamond Cutter Sutra is the oldest sutra in the world which has in-depth records of Buddha’s profound teachings four thousand years ago. Inspired by it, Geshe Michael Roach wrote “The Diamond Cutter” which later became a bestselling business book, translated into:








“Cutter” in this scenario refers to cutting and honing. Every one of us is like a diamond. We all have an infinite amount of potential that tend to be invisible to the normal eyes. The Diamond Cutter program will help you unleash your inner strength that can be applied to your business and daily lives.

Diamond Cutter Program

The program consists of 12 levels revolving around different aspects of life. DC.I has been taught in more than 25 countries and 35 cities across the world. Each level brings out a different awakening, helping people achieve joy in life, wisdom, happiness in relationships, and financial freedom. The success stories of the DC.I program have proven that we can achieve the toughest goals just by steadily, sincerely, and correctly applying Diamond Cutter principles.

Level 1: Oxygen Money

Applying ancient wisdom to build a successful business and life.

Level 2: Talent - Passion - Purpose

Discovering your “True strength” in this lifetime.

Level 3: Mastering Your Mind

Mastering your mind to become successful in both personal and professional life.

Level 4: The Karmic Secret

Finding and nourishing true and worthwhile relationships.

Level 5: Perfect Relationships

12 specialized tools for perfect relationships in professional and personal life.

Level 6: Wheel of Life

Unfolding the meaning of the wheel of life - getting rid of the “addiction” within yourself.

Level 7: Diamond World

Reaching the Diamond World - Learning to touch the “Source of all success”

Level 8: Extraordinary Leader

Building effective management, leadership, and communication.

Level 9: Innovators

The true innovators: The origins of creativity.

Level 10: Anger

Anger is a self-destructive mechanism ruining all of our “positive seeds”

Level 11: Management

Life management comes with time management.

Level 12: Gratitude

The art of gratitude


Students that participated in The Diamond Cutter program (DC.I), didn’t only build one of the world’s top businesses (Michael Gordon, Jin Huang, Linda Kaplan Thaler) but were also able to accomplish top achievements in their careers. On top of that, graduating from the DC.I program, our students discover true knowledge, creating a rich and healthy spiritual world around them and the people surrounding them.