Charity House For Plight In Can Gio District

On July 8, 2020, DC.I Fund cooperated with Ho Chi Minh City Red Cross & Farmers Association inaugurating 2 charity houses particularly for difficult families in Can Gio District, Ho Chi Minh City.


Charity House Giving Ceremony in Can Tho district.


Both the family of Mr. Nguyen Van Hong and Ms. Le Thi Ai have unstable incomes, relying on hired labor to survive. Particularly, Ms. Le Thi Ai's family is a poor household in Can Gio district. She is getting old and weak, so she cannot do heavy work. Her son works as a bricklayer and her daughter-in-law is a housekeeper, so they are often away from home and her family's income is unstable and precarious. n spite of all difficulties, she still tries to send her 9th grandchild to school. Besides, her family lived in a patchwork wooden house without electricity and water for daily use, so her life met too many difficulties. Ms. Le Thi Ai's house is sponsored and contributed by practitioner Ms. Co Hue Anh.

In addition, Mr. Nguyen Van Hong was born in 1952, lives in An Hoa Hamlet, An Thoi Dong Commune, Can Gio District. He is getting old and weak so he lost his power to work. Besides, his wife passed away early and his daughter worked as an elementary school teacher with a low salary. Mr. Nguyen Van Hong's new home is the heart of Ms.Vivian (Malaysian student) and Mr. Nguyen Cong Binh - CEO of DC.I. Inaugurating 2 houses, the attendees felt happy for the contribution of the DC.I community to reach those who really need it and they have the motivation to continue this meaningful and profound journey.


Seeding And Spreading

Turning these theories into action is how the DC.I community practice seeding and spreading in the most meaningful way. By June, the DC.I fund had reached more than 2.5 billion and built 27 houses. The poor and unfortunate lives are being related and supported for a long time.