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Diamond Cutter Institute

The Diamond Sutra is the name of the world’s oldest printed scripture, written in 868, in which profound teachings of the Buddha four thousand years ago are recorded. Based on this sutra and practical experiences, Geshe Michael Roach penned the book The Diamond Cutter, which is a top-selling business book, was translated into more than 20 languages with 3 million copies being sold in 35 different countries.

The book has guided and created a new business trend around the world, based on the philosophy of causes and effects and the principles of the universe.
The Diamond Cutter Institute program compiled by Geshe Michael Roach  includes 12 levels (Diamond Cutter Institute – DCI), all of which have been taught in 25 countries.

In 2014, Mr. Nguyen Cong Binh reached the golden opportunity to meet the great master Michael Roach in Taiwan – the author and speaker of Global Diamond Cutter. He felt that the meaning of the Diamond Cutter program was very suitable for Vietnamese people, so he invited him to Vietnam to teach. In the presence of more than 600 participants in Taiwan, Geshe Michael Roach proudly announced Vietnam to become an official member of the World Diamond Cutter Community in January 2015.


Our history

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Brain Power - DCI Việt Nam

2010 - Bringing Intellectual Development for Vietnamese Children

Intellectual development was brought to Vietnamese children, originating from the efforts to implement supportive activities and help children as committed in the International Convention and Sustainable Development Goal. Hence, all children have the right to study, to develop completely, to be listened to, and to actively take part in the process of making decisions related to their own lives.

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Hình thành DCI Việt Nam

2013 - Self Improvement

To become excellent and perfect, we need to change persistently and daily by honing ourselves right from the initial basic stages. We improve our knowledge and image, develop talents and competencies, accumulate belongings and careers, enhance teaching and training quality, and make our ambitions and dreams clear.

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Logo Adam Khoo - DCI Việt Nam

2014 - Establishing Adam Khoo Education

Adam Khoo Education established in 2014, is the official representative of Adam Khoo Learning Technology Group (AKLTG) – Asia’s top training organization. With the “Change life every day” mission, Adam Khoo Education provides the most modern training and education technologies to Vietnam through 3 areas: Young generation development, Personal Development and Business Development.

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2020 - Establishing DCI

DCI would like to create a reliable, kind and standard community that develops into an enterprise having positive influences on society and spreading the 4-step strategy to 95 million Vietnamese people. We set a goal of building and becoming a successful educational organization to become a model for other businesses to follow.