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    Nguyễn Công Bình - DCI Việt Nam


    Mr. Nguyen Cong Binh is known as an entrepreneur and business owner with many achievements in education and personal development training. With a great desire to develop education, Mr. Nguyen Cong Binh has constantly learned from the best teachers in the world and brought unique educational programs to Vietnam.

    He is the one who brought billionaire Adam Khoo to Vietnam and developed training programs through the educational organization Adam Khoo Education. In 2015, Mr. Nguyen Cong Binh officially became the first Vietnamese lecturer of the Diamond Cutter Program (DCI) & has exclusively organized DCI courses up to now. During his career, he has had opportunities to learn from and work with leading experts in the world such as Adam Khoo, Doctor of Psychology Menis Yoursy, Doctor of Buddhism Geshe Michael Roach……

    The first Vietnamese to be officially selected by Michael Roach to become a Professor Assistant at the Sedona College of International Management (SCIM) in the US from the beginning of 2021.


    • Founder & CEO of Adam Khoo Education.
    • Founder & CEO of Vietnam Diamond Lotus Institute (iDL).
    • Founder & CEO of Diamond Apple Group Joint Stock Company & Vietnam DCI Joint Stock Company.
    • President of DCI Vietnam Community
    • Completed DCI levels 1 -12 and SCIM directly with Dr. Geshe Michael Roach at SCIM

    Educational Background

    • Bachelor of Hanoi University of Languages and International Studies – Faculty of English Language.
    • Bachelor of Ho Chi Minh City University of Economics – Faculty of Business Administration.
    • Completed personal development courses with expert Adam Khoo in Singapore.
    • Graduated from the LEADERSHIP course with Doctor of Psychology Menis Yoursy in Hungary.
    • Global DCI Lecturer Certification awarded by Dr. Geshe Michael Roach