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Are those thoughts below controlling your mind? More than 50% of your mind always thinks about money? What have we done wrong and encountered rifts in our surrounding relationships? Do you feel that your health is not good for unknown reasons? Or don’t you feel happy with your current successes?

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  •  November 18 – 19, 2020
  •  06:00 pm – 08:30 pm

Address: 87 Hoang Dieu, Ha Noi

Phone: + 84.936.556.357


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    Our speaker
    Nguyen Cong Binh

    CEO DC.I Vietnam – CEO Adam Khoo Education – DC.I Speaker

    Businessman/ CEO Adam Khoo Education

    – Founder & CEO of Adam Khoo Education
    – Founder & CEO of Sen Diamond Academy Vietnam (IDL)
    – General Director of Cong Binh Import Export Company Limited
    – Community Chairman Nang Doan Kim Cuong (DCI) Vietnam
    – Complete DCI levels 1-10 and SCIM directly with Mr. Michael Roach